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Country, New Traditionalist, Progressive Country, Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country

Album Review

Though Keith Whitley displayed his immense talents on his previous albums, it was only in small measures. It wasn't until I Wonder Do You Think of Me, his fourth and final album, that he truly came into his own. The difference between this album and its predecessors is focus. The essential style remains the same, but Whitley has decided to concentrate only on a heart-tugging, gritty honky tonk and to give the record an appropriately straightforward, simple production. The direct approach gives more weight to the sad tales of lost love and drinking and when Whitely died shortly before the record's release, these songs gained even more gravity. Still, I Wonder Do You Think of Me stands as an excellent testament -- songs like "It Ain't Nothin'," "I'm Over You" and the title track only begin to suggest the depth and appeal of this album.
Thom Owens, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Talk to Me Texas
  2. Between an Old Memory and Me
  3. It Ain't Nothin'
  4. I'm Over You
  5. Turn This Thing Around
  6. Lady's Choice
  7. Brother Jukebox
  8. Tennessee Courage
  9. Heartbreak Highway
  10. I Wonder Do You Think of Me