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Proper Sales & Dist.
Country, Old-Timey, Traditional Country, Close Harmony, Appalachian, North American Traditions

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Track Listing

  1. My Dixie Darling
  2. Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine
  3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  4. The Last Move for Me
  5. The Wayworn Traveller
  6. Just Another Broken Heart
  7. When Silver Threads Are Gold Again
  8. There's No One Like Mother to Me
  9. In a Little Village Churchyard
  10. Jealous Hearted Me
  11. My Native Home
  12. Sweet Heaven in My View
  13. No Depression (In Heaven)
  14. Bonnie Blue Eyes
  15. My Honey Lou
  16. In the Shadow of the Pines
  17. Answer to Weeping Willow
  18. You've Been a Friend to Me
  19. Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way
  20. Lay My Head Beneath the Rose
  21. The Broken Down Tramp
  22. Lover's Lane
  23. Hold Fast to the Right
  24. Lord, I'm in Your Care
  25. Funny When You Feel That Way
  26. In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
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