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July 02, 1974
1201 Music
Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation, Piano Jazz, Trad Jazz

Album Review

This is a classic Cecil Taylor solo concert, performed at the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival. Taylor plays his five-movement work "Silent Tongues," along with a couple of brief encores. To simplify in explaining what he was doing at this point of time, it can be said that Taylor essentially plays the piano like a drum set, creating percussive and thunderous sounds that are otherworldly and full of an impressive amount of energy and atonal ideas. Many listeners will find these performances to be quite difficult but it is worth the struggle to open up one's perceptions as to what music can be.
Scott Yanow, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Abyss (First Movement)/Petals and Filaments (Second Movement)/Jitney
  2. Crossing, Pt. 1 [Fourth Movement , Pt. 1]
  3. Crossing, Pt. 2 [Fourth Movement , Pt. 1]
  4. After All [Fifth Movement]
  5. Jitney No. 2
  6. After All No. 2
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