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January 07, 1992
Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz

Album Review

Modern jazz musos rejoice! Here's the '90s incarnation of John Zorn's hyper-eclectic work with Naked City from a decade before. Taking off from Zorn's penchant for everything from metal and country to bebop, Miniature takes a bit more conservative, yet no less compelling, approach on this, the group's second and last outing for JMT (and last record as a band, too). Cooperatively headed up by alto saxophonist Tim Berne, drummer and Naked City alum Joey Baron, and cellist Hank Roberts, Miniature found direction in Berne's own wide-ranging and contemporary solo work for JMT. One hears both the humorous overplaying of Zappa and Primus, as well as the seeds of Medeski, Martin & Wood's own jazz-funk ramblings. The result here is a corralled mix of bop, free jazz, soundtrack ambience, and funk, all wrapped in Berne's cerebrally swinging sound. And while not a substitute for one of Berne's or Baron's solo outings of the '90s, I Can't Put My Finger on It will still please fans of the New York downtown jazz sound.
Stephen Cook, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Zilla
  2. Jersey Devil
  3. P.G. Suggested
  4. Combat
  5. Aspetta
  6. Lowball
  7. Luna
  8. Bullfrog Breath
  9. Who's Vacant?
  10. Weasels in the Bush
  11. Dink