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Latin, Brazilian Traditions, Samba, MPB, Brazilian Pop

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As the second Brazilian wave neared its crest, Milton Nascimento signed with CBS and brought forth a typically eclectic offering, with contributions from familiar collaborators Wagner Tiso, Robertinho Silva, Uakti, and some stellar North American admirers. The key coup of the record was Nascimento's duet with Paul Simon on the reflective "Dream Merchant" (he would later return the favor by appearing on Simon's brilliant Brazilian/African The Rhythm of the Saints album), with Herbie Hancock on electronic layered keyboards. Keyboardist Don Grusin, guitarist Eric Gale and drummer Alex Acuña turn up now and then, and Hancock and old collaborator Wayne Shorter almost -- but not quite -- take over "Mountain." The lovely "Heart Is My Master" is almost a lush throwback to his breakthrough in the bossa nova era -- and indeed, he revisits one of his early standards, "Morro Velho," in an affectingly lush production supervised by Nascimento aficionado Quincy Jones. "Letter to the Republic" is a measured, post-military-government, state-of-the-state address by Nascimento to the Brazilian people, and the concluding "Songs and Moments" finds Milton Nascimento again addressing his fans directly, explaining why he does what he does.
Richard S. Ginell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Blue Planet (Planeta Blue)
  2. Dream Merchant (O Vendedor de Sonhos)
  3. Jaguar (Yuarete) [Yauarete]
  4. Enchanted City (Cidade Encantada)
  5. Heart Is My Master (Meu Mestre Coracao)
  6. Children's Dance (Danca Dos Meninos) [Dança Dos Meninos]
  7. Eldorado
  8. Letter to the Republic (Carta a Republica) [Carta à República]
  9. Old Hill (Morro Velho)
  10. Mountain
  11. Songs and Moments (Cancoes e Momentos) [Cançoes E Momentos]
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