Album Details

October 27, 2009
Electronica, Club/Dance

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Track Listing

  1. Bad Habit [ATFC's Lektrotek Re-Vist] [Version]
  2. I Called U (The Conversation) [ATFC's Heated Conversation]
  3. Praise to the JBS
  4. Tell U Y [New Jack Swing Original] [Version]
  5. In and Out of My Life [ATFC Original Vocal] [Version]
  6. Bon Bon
  7. Giv Me Luv [ATFC's Ocean Trenh Mix]
  8. Sleep Talk [Junior Jack Club Mix]
  9. Speed Up [ATFC's 0-60 Extended Mix]
  10. Whatever [ATFC's Am I Bovvered?? Remix]
  11. What is House? (KOT Anthem) [Club Mix]
  12. Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochùn) [David Penn Vocal Mix]
  13. El Sur
  14. Wonderous [David Penn Remix]
  15. I Can't Stop [David Penn Remix]
  16. Sun Rising Up [Vocal Mix]
  17. The Way You Love e [David Penn Urbana Dub Mix]
  18. It's Yours [David Penn Vocal Mix]
  19. Via the Way [Chus & Penn Club Mix]
  20. Self Religion (Believe in Me) [David Penn Remix]