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Pop/Rock, Detroit Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Album Rock, Heartland Rock

Album Review

At times sounding like a poor man's Springsteen, Bob Seger continued to mine the fields he'd plowed so well over previous efforts. There's the send-up of the U.S.A. in "American Storm," and the hard-rockin' "Sometimes," and the heartbreakingly beautiful "Somewhere Tonight." Oh yes, and the song used in those incessant commercials for American pickup trucks, "Like a Rock." A mature effort from a great American talent.
James Chrispell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. American Storm
  2. Like a Rock
  3. Miami
  4. The Ring
  5. Tightrope
  6. The Aftermath
  7. Sometimes
  8. It's You
  9. Somewhere Tonight
  10. Fortunate Son