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October 05, 2010
Universal Distribution
Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Psychedelic, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Album Rock, AM Pop

Album Review

This budget-priced box set from Universal rounds up four complete albums from the multifaceted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, including 1970's hit-filled Tea for the Tillerman and the equally stocked Mona Bone Jakon, 1972's chart-topping Catch Bull at Four, and 1973's modest Foreigner.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Where Do the Children Play?
  2. Hard Headed Woman
  3. Wild World
  4. Sad Lisa
  5. Miles From Nowhere
  6. But I Might Die Tonight
  7. Longer Boats
  8. Into White
  9. On the Road to Find Out
  10. Father and Son
  11. Tea for the Tillerman
  12. Sitting
  13. The Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head
  14. Angelsea
  15. Silent Sunlight
  16. Can't Keep It In
  17. 18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)
  18. Freezing Steel
  19. O' Caritas
  20. Sweet Scarlet
  21. Ruins
  22. Lady d'Arbanville
  23. Maybe You're Right
  24. Pop Star
  25. I Think I See the Light
  26. Trouble
  27. Mona Bone Jakon
  28. I Wish, I Wish
  29. Katmandu
  30. Time
  31. Fill My Eyes
  32. Lilywhite
  33. Foreigner Suite
  34. The Hurt
  35. How Many Times
  36. Later
  37. 1001 Dream