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February 15, 2011
Rhythm & Blues, Adult Contemporary R&B, Contemporary R&B

Album Review

Due to the leak of an unauthorized video, “Batteries” gained a fair amount of exposure prior to the release of Ginuwine’s seventh proper album, and the song -- an innocuous club track with content like “Shawty over there moving like a stripper” and “Beat it like a triple-X star” -- is thankfully an outlier on the set. While “Batteries” and a handful of other tracks would be better suited for younger singers, roughly half the album has Ginuwine acting his age, dealing with adult situations. “Heaven” and “What Could Have Been” radiate romance and regret with deep sincerity. Best of all is “Frozen”; audible shivering sounds overstate the mood projected by a scorned object of affection, but frost-coated synthesizers provide great contrast to Ginuwine’s sympathetic pleading.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Heaven
  2. Break
  3. What Could Have Been
  4. Drink of Choice
  5. Why We're Fighting
  6. Body
  7. Batteries
  8. Kidnapped
  9. How Does Your Heart Forget
  10. First Time
  11. Frozen
  12. Busy [*]
  13. Batteries [Remix]
  14. First Time [Remix]
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