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September 12, 1995
Valley Entertainment
World, Traditional Folk, Chamber Jazz, Progressive Alternative, Soundtracks, Adult Alternative, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Celtic Pop, Original Score, Contemporary Celtic, Progressive Electronic, Ethnic Fusion, Celtic, Scottish Folk, Worldbeat, Fusion, Space, Pipe Bands, Irish Folk, Celtic Fusion, Neo-Classical, Celtic New Age, Traditional Celtic, British Folk-Rock, Celtic Folk, Brazilian Traditions, Traditional Irish Folk

Album Review

It turns out that Celtic Twilight has sold more than any other Hearts of Space release to date. It's only to be expected, then, that a sequel would eventually arrive -- and here it is. A number of the tracks here were specially commissioned for the album, and salted in between acquisitions from Loreena McKennitt, Nightnoise, Bill Douglas, Steve McDonald and others. The result is a wonderful anthology of music that's either based on Celtic source material, and newly created on Celtic themes -- even McDonald's rather over-the-top rendition of "Scotland the Brave" fits perfectly with the flow of the album, which is no small achievement on the part of compilation producers Al Evers and Stephen Hill. Anyone who bought Celtic Twilight will not be disappointed with this sequel; those who want to use this collection as a starting place will be well pleased and well guided as a result, at least as far as modern Celtic music goes.
Steven McDonald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. For Eamonn
  2. Highstep
  3. The Journey Home
  4. Tonight My Sleep Will Be Restless
  5. Mvvvoanin'
  6. The Hills of Home
  7. Scotland the Brave
  8. Sons of Eisnech
  9. The Black Rose [Roisin Dubb]
  10. Snow
  11. Theid Mi Dhachaigh (The MacKenzie Lullaby)
  12. Inishbofin
  13. Wayfarer