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October 17, 2011
Rhythm & Blues, Contemporary R&B, Adult Contemporary R&B

Album Review

Disc one of Twenty constitutes Boyz II Men's first full-length set of original material since 2002’s Full Circle, an album released just prior to the departure of bass vocalist Michael McCary. The title here isn’t the only manner in which the group acknowledges its longevity. They work with past collaborators such as Tim & Bob, Teddy Riley, and Babyface, each of whom either produces or co-produces three tracks. Rather than attempt to compete with younger acts on the charts, they largely stick to their tried and true approach and appeal to their longtime listeners. Some of the slower songs get a little raunchy, but most of them -- highlighted by “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” featuring Charlie Wilson -- switch between romantic pleading and uplifting/inspirational modes. It’s their most enjoyable work since 2000’s Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya. On the second disc, Boyz II Men cover themselves. In some cases, the new looks at their hits are closer to re-creations than reinterpretations, with only slight variations on the vocal and instrumental arrangements. That Boyz II Men still have it, both individually and collectively, is undeniable; their group harmonies sound as easy as ever. That’s what they had over most contemporary R&B acts in 1991, and that's what they have over all of them in 2011.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Believe
  2. So Amazing
  3. Put Some Music On
  4. Slowly
  5. More Than You'll Ever Know
  6. I Shoulda Lied
  7. Benefit of a Fool
  8. Refuse to Be the Reason
  9. One More Dance
  10. Will You Be There
  11. Flow
  12. One Up for Love
  13. Motownphilly
  14. On Bended Knee
  15. Four Seasons of Loneliness
  16. Water Runs Dry
  17. A Song for Mama
  18. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  19. I'll Make Love to You
  20. End of the Road [*]
  21. Not Like You [*]
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