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Request Records
Pop/Rock, Obscuro, Baroque Pop, AM Pop, Country-Pop

Album Review

Twenty-five-song import compilation of rare Hazlewood tracks, most or all dating from the 1960s, including solo numbers (under his own name as well as the alias Mark Robinson) and collaborations with Suzi Jane Hokom and the Shacklefords. The most country-ish cuts are like a debauched Johnny Cash; the bullfighter narrative "Jose" is Hazlewood at his most compellingly melodramatic; and there are shades of his Duane Eddy roots in the more rock-oriented cuts, like the grungy "Della" and the rockabilly-tinged "Pretty Jane." There are also solo renditions of several songs that he produced for Nancy Sinatra, although Sinatra's versions are uniformly better. You could justifiably call this the work of an idiot savant, or (at its worst) just a plain idiot, but it is, like much of Hazlewood's stuff, intriguing in its blend of '60s pop-country and eccentric production, lyrics, and vocals. There's no shred of documentation as far as dates and sources are concerned, but most of the solo material comes from1963's Trouble Is a Lonesome Town and a pair of MGM gems, Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure and The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood. But this is the best available distillation of the man's large solo output into one place, if you can find it.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Son of a Gun
  2. Run Boy Run
  3. Long Black Train
  4. The Railroad
  5. Six Feet of Chain
  6. Jose
  7. Dark in My Heart
  8. So Long, Babe
  9. These Boots Are Made for Walking
  10. I Move Around
  11. Home (I'm Home)
  12. The Girls in Paris
  13. Sand
  14. Suzi Jane Is Back in Town
  15. My Baby Cried All Night Long
  16. Shades
  17. When a Fool Loves a Fool
  18. Muddy, Muddy River
  19. Mansion of Tears
  20. The City Never Sleeps
  21. Five Feet High and Risin
  22. Words Mean Nothing
  23. Della
  24. Want Me
  25. Pretty Jane