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Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, British Metal

Album Review

By spanning their entire career, this may be the most comprehensive Budgie collection, but it's hardly the best. Disc one is flawless, showcasing the band's early '70s material where bassist/vocalist Burke Shelley and guitarist Tony Bourge combined adventurous songwriting with uncompromising heaviness to great effect. These classics include "Homicidal Suicidal," "In for the Kill," "Breaking All the House Rules," "Crash Course in Brain Surgery," and their masterpiece, "Breadfan" (these last two were famously covered by Metallica in the '80s). Disc two, on the other hand, reveals a band gradually running out of inspiration ("Melt the Ice Away"), fighting to stay relevant by incorporating more commercial elements ("Superstar"), and finally transforming into a cliche-ridden, second-class metal band ("Forearm Smash"). To anyone interested in '70s hard rock and heavy metal, Budgie remains an essential band, but most would do well to stick with their MCA releases through 1975.
Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Homicidal Suicidal
  2. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman [Single Version]
  3. Whiskey River
  4. Hot as a Docker's Armpit
  5. In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand
  6. Breadfan
  7. Parents
  8. In for the Kill
  9. Crash Course in Brain Surgery
  10. Napoleon Bona, Pts. 1 & 2
  11. Who Do You Want for Your Love?
  12. Breaking All the House Rules
  13. Beautiful Lies [#]
  14. Anne Neggen
  15. If I Were Britannia I'd Wave the Rules
  16. Black Velvet Stallion
  17. Melt the Ice Away
  18. Forearm Smash
  19. Time to Remember
  20. Wildfire
  21. Lies of Jim (The E-Type Lover)
  22. I Turned to Stone
  23. She Used Me Up
  24. Superstar
  25. Don't Cry
  26. Truth Drug
  27. Hold on to Love
  28. Superstar [Live]
  29. Panzer Division Destroyed! [Live]