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March 13, 2012
Sepia Records
Easy Listening, Teen Idols, AM Pop

Album Review

This reissue from Sepia Records features a pair of LPs by Pat Boone, Moody River and Great! Great! Great!, both originally issued in 1961 on the Dot label. Highlights among the 30 tracks include "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," "I've Told Ev'ry Little Star," and the number one hit "Moody River." Casual listeners should pick up 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Pat Boone on MCA before delving into these recordings.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Moody River!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  2. Angel On My Shoulder!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  3. The Great Pretender!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  4. Love Makes the World Go 'Round [From Carnival]!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  5. Corrina, Corrina!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  6. A Thousand Years!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  7. Sleep!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  8. Will You Love Me Tomorrow!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  9. There's a Moon Out Tonight!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  10. Georgia On My Mind!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  11. Blue Moon!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  12. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  13. (If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  14. Big Cold Wind!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  15. Stagger Lee!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  16. El Paso!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  17. Running Bear!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  18. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  19. Cathy's Clown!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  20. The Wayward Wind!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  21. Tweedle Dee!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  22. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  23. That'll Be the Day!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  24. White Silver Sands!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  25. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  26. Personality!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  27. He's Got the Whole World In His Hands!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  28. The Wang Dang Taffyapple Tango!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  29. Bourbon Street Blues [From Mardi Gras]!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  30. That's My Desire!-great!/id505213383?uo=5&at=11l9vR
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