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April 02, 2012
T-Bird Americana

Album Review

At first glance, this looks like the definitive David Houston best-of, since every one of these 23 tracks made the country Top Ten during his stay of a decade or so with Epic Records. It turns out, however, that it's virtually identical to the Collectors' Choice compilation The Best of David Houston, even down to the sequencing, with the solitary and curious omission of the number two 1973 single "Good Things." If you can't find the other anthology, however, this certainly has most or all of what a Houston fan would want, from his 1963 hit "Mountain of Love" (not the same song as the 1960 pop smash by Harold Dorman with the same title) through the mid-'70s. Looking at the chart statistics, it's astonishing just how successful Houston was: a couple dozen Top Ten hits, and seven chart-toppers, including five in a row in the late '60s. Why, then, is he "now largely forgotten," as the first three words of the liner notes plainly state? His quivering high voice isn't to everyone's taste (though, evidently, it was to the taste of a lot of people listening to country radio during this period). And for those who don't view countrypolitain music as a high point in country's evolution, the mainstream country-pop production will not mark this as durable material, though it marked important milestones in the ascent of Billy Sherrill (who produced, and wrote or co-wrote, most of these tracks). Houston does depart occasionally from the smooth pop numbers for something mildly energetic, and there are also duets with Barbara Mandrell and Tammy Wynette for slight changes of pace.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Mountain of Love
  2. Livin' in a House Full of Love
  3. Almost Persuaded
  4. A Loser's Cathedral
  5. With One Exception
  6. My Elusive Dreams
  7. You Mean the World to Me
  8. Have a Little Faith
  9. Already It's Heaven
  10. Where Love Used to Live
  11. My Woman's Good to Me
  12. I'm Down to My Last "I Love You"
  13. Baby, Baby (I Know You're a Lady)
  14. I Do My Swinging at Home
  15. Wonders of the Wine
  16. After Closing Time
  17. A Woman Always Knows
  18. Nashville
  19. Maiden's Prayer
  20. Soft, Sweet and Warm
  21. She's All Woman
  22. I Love You, I Love You
  23. Can't You Feel It