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November 05, 1996
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Album Review

Golden Classics sounds like a greatest-hits type compilation. In fact, it is the CD reissue of Chi Coltrane's first album, down to the same front cover, and the same tracks, listed in the same order. The only difference is the addition of two cuts from her second album, 1973's Let It Ride, and some spectacularly inept liner notes, which erroneously imply that Coltrane hasn't recorded since 1977.
Charles Donovan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Thunder and Lightning
  2. Goodbye John
  3. You Were My Friend
  4. Turn Me Around
  5. Go Like Elijah
  6. The Tree
  7. Feelin' Good
  8. It's Really Come to This
  9. I Will Not Dance
  10. Time to Come In
  11. The Wheel of Life
  12. Who Ever Told You?
  13. Myself to You