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May 19, 1995
The Communion Label
Pop/Rock, Piedmont Blues, Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Pre-War Country Blues, Regional Blues

Album Review

Leave Home has more to do with the side of John Davis that worked with the Palace Brothers than the side that constitutes half of Folk Implosion -- the album's songs have the simple acoustic quality (and occasional patched-together percussion) of a Mountain Goats' release, but the songwriting lands in a more poetic and subtle vein. The result is an intimate and well-executed tour through the work of a very idiosyncratic songwriter. Somewhere within the stripped-down set-up of Davis' songs are shades of Sebadoh and even Neutral Milk Hotel, making for an album that overshoots the earnest simplicity that's expected of most singer/songwriters.
Nitsuh Abebe, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Here I Am
  2. Knocked Out of the Park
  3. Goodbye for Now
  4. Always All Time Disco
  5. Everyone Go
  6. That's the Truth Ruth
  7. Big Billowing Clouds of Love
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. So Young
  10. Start Go
  11. On Fine Evenings
  12. Wipeout Tonight
  13. I Hear You
  14. Tug of War
  15. Lullabye
  16. Leave Awe to Its Devices
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