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April 14, 1997
Black Market Records
Electronica, Club/Dance, Techno

Album Review

Though still on the straight-ahead side of techno experiments, Headphone's crisp, delicate breaks and smooth electronics are a bit of a gear-change from earlier, more acid- and hardcore-tinged records such as Fordtrax and Fetish Easily Ford's most listenable outing to date.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ute (Euston)
  2. In Decision
  3. Suet Pud
  4. Mobile Home
  5. Spiritworks
  6. Baggy or Tight
  7. F. Kord
  8. Toman
  9. Bodine
  10. Wine Gibson
  11. Chevy Rainbow
  12. Ute (Cosine)
  13. Toman (Reprise)