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October 28, 1997
Noo Trybe/C-Note
Rap, West Coast Rap, Gangsta Rap

Album Review

The Luniz' name is pronounced "loonies," and the Oakland rap duo lives up to that name on Lunitik Muzik, one of the most memorable rap releases of 1997. This eccentric effort must be taken for exactly what it is -- wild, nutty, outrageous fun. When Yukmouth and Numskull (whose guests on the CD range from the 2 Live Crew, Too Short and Redman to urban contemporary "girl groups" Brownstone and Mokenstef) deliver their sexually explicit lyrics and frequent references to drunkenness and marijuana use, they come across as tongue-in-cheek rather than threatening. "Handcuff Your Hoes," "Phillies" and "20 Bluntz a Day" aren't for those with delicate sensibilities, although anyone who has enjoyed Richard Pryor, Rudy Ray Moore or Eddie Murphy should be able to appreciate the Luniz' brand of musical ghetto humor. The disc takes a more serious turn on "Y Do Thugz Die," a commentary on inner-city crime that reflects on the murders of rap stars 2Pac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. But more than anything, Lunitik Muzik is noteworthy for its entertainment value.
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Highest Niggaz in the Industry
  3. Funkin' Over Nuthin'
  4. In My Nature
  5. Jus Mee & U
  6. Game (Interlude)
  7. My Baby Mamma
  8. Is It Kool?
  9. $Ad Millionaire
  10. Killaz of the Payroll
  11. Phillies
  12. Mobb Shit
  13. Y Do Thugz Die
  14. Hypnotize
  15. Handcuff Your Hoes
  16. 20 Bluntz a Day
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