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January 20, 1998
Thrill Jockey
Electronica, Techno, Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Experimental Techno, Electronica, Minimal Techno, Glitch, IDM, Indie Electronic

Album Review

Recorded in collaboration with Tokyo-based artist Christophe Charles, Dok continues Oval's manipulation of digital technology with typically innovative results. Beginning with Charles' field recordings of various ringing bells assembled from around the world, these static peals mutate into fluid, linear songs, complete with rhythm indices and bass tones; through extensive processing, beautifully organic music is somehow created, and like previous Oval releases, Dok forces listeners to reassess everything they believe to be true about the nature of sonic shape and form.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Lens-Flared Capital
  2. Polygon Medpack 2.0
  3. Dekon/Rekon Anything
  4. Bloc
  5. Reversioning
  6. Momentan VR
  7. Standard Audio Frontend
  8. Vitra Desk
  9. Class
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