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September 15, 1998
Sugar Hill
Folk, Traditional Country, Old-Timey, Traditional Folk

Album Review

Originally recorded in 1967 with additional material recorded in 1998, this is a tribute to the vast talent of Merle Watson, whose life was cut short in a tractor accident in 1985. These recordings are even more impressive when it is understood that they were made just five months after Watson started playing banjo. Expert even then, he was a delight to his father, Doc. With this release, Merle Watson's place in traditional American music is defined and assured. Along with Marty Stuart, Sam Bush, Alan O'Bryant and T. Michael Coleman, Doc Watson gives these early recordings of his son's mastery a new life. Songs like "Girl in the Blue Velvet Band," "Old Joe Clark" and "Little Maggie" carry the listener away. Ending with "I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home" and "Home Sweet Home" gives this release a poignant twist. Highly recommended.
Jana Pendragon, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. John Henry
  2. Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
  3. Lonesome Banjo
  4. Listening to the Rain
  5. Russian Grass
  6. Worried Blues
  7. Train That Carried My Girl from Town
  8. Old Joe Clark
  9. Down the Road
  10. Big Spike Hammer
  11. Reuben's Train
  12. Little Maggie
  13. I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home
  14. Home Sweet Home