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March 16, 1999
Pop/Rock, Arena Rock, Heavy Metal, British Metal, Hard Rock

Album Review

A lot of care went into the track selection and mastering on this four-CD set, devoted to 30 years in the history of Deep Purple -- though for most listeners, discs one through three, devoted to the band's first eight years, are what will really count. Deep Purple recorded significant bodies of work in several styles, but the years 1968 through 1974, when they evolved out of psychedelia and into heavy metal, are the vitally important ones. The first disc is a treat not only for Deep Purple fans but '60s British rock completists, highlighted by two previously unissued tracks dating from a time when the band was apparently still known officially as Roundabout.
The band's chart singles and a beautifully lyrical and reflective version of the Beatles' "Help" open the first disk, and it's hard not to love those early singles. And then comes "Hallelujah (I Am the Preacher)," which opens the group's classic heavy metal era and heralds the arrival of Ian Gillan on lead vocals and Roger Glover on bass. From there on, and for most of the next two-and-a-half CDs, this set threatens to fry any speakers or ears in its presence. Disc two is from the core of the group's prime years, from the spring of 1971 through the end of that year. The Fireball and Machine Head albums are well represented, and some of this music is surprisingly durable. Disc three covers the peak years, closing out in 1975 at the end of the Tommy Bolin/Glenn Hughes lineup, and disc four picks up with the 1984 reunion. The packaging is slightly awkward, but it comes with a 55-page booklet giving just about the fullest easily available account of the band's impact and importance.
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hush
  2. Help!
  3. Shadows [Demo 1968]
  4. Love Help Me [Instrumental]
  5. Kentucky Woman [Single Version]
  6. Anthem
  7. River Deep, Mountain High [Single Version]
  8. Emmaretta
  9. The Bird Has Flown [Single Version]
  10. Hallelujah
  11. Speed King [Full Length UK Version]
  12. Child in Time
  13. Cry Free [Outtake 1970][Mix]
  14. Black Night [Full-Length U.K.version]
  15. Jam Stew [outtake][Outtake]
  16. Into the Fire [Live 1971]
  17. No No No [Live 1971]
  18. Strange Kind of Woman
  19. I'm Alone
  20. Fireball
  21. Demon's Eye
  22. Anyone's Daughter
  23. Fools
  24. No One Came
  25. Freedom [outtake][Outtake]
  26. Slow Train [outtake][Outtake]
  27. Never Before
  28. When a Blind Man Cries
  29. Highway Star
  30. Smoke on the Water
  31. Pictures of Home
  32. Space Truckin'
  33. Printed Horse [outtake][Outtake]
  34. Smoke on the Water [Live 1972]
  35. Lazy [Live 1972]
  36. Woman from Tokyo
  37. Mary Long
  38. Super Trouper
  39. Smooth Dancer
  40. Burn
  41. Might Just Take Your Life
  42. Sail Away
  43. Coronarias Redig
  44. Stormbringer
  45. Hold On
  46. Lady Double Dealer [Live 1975]
  47. Gettin' Tighter
  48. Comin' Home
  49. Knocking at Your Back Door
  50. Perfect Strangers
  51. Son of Alerik [7'' Single Version]
  52. Call of the Wild
  53. Bad Attitude [Single Version]
  54. Hard Lovin' Woman [Live 1987]
  55. Hush '88 [Live 1988]
  56. King of Dreams [Single Version]
  57. Fire in the Basement
  58. Slow Down Sister
  59. The Battle Rages On
  60. Anya [Live 1993]
  61. A Castle Full of Rascals
  62. Seventh Heaven