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May 18, 1999
Pop/Rock, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll

Album Review

In 1999, Collectables released Ronnie Hawkins/Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins, which contained two complete albums -- Ronnie Hawkins (1959, originally released on Roulette) and Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins (1960, originally released on Roulette) -- by Ronnie Hawkins on one compact disc.
Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Forty Days
  2. Odessa
  3. Wild Little Willy
  4. Ruby Baby
  5. Horace
  6. Mary Lou
  7. Need Your Lovin' (Oh So Bad)
  8. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  9. One of These Days
  10. Oh Sugar
  11. Whatcha Gonna Do (When the Creek Runs Dry)
  12. My Gal Is Red Hot
  13. Summertime
  14. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  15. I Gave My Love a Cherry
  16. Brave Man
  17. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  18. Virginia Bride
  19. Mister and Mississippi
  20. John Henry
  21. Fare Thee Well
  22. One Out of a Hundred
  23. The Death of Floyd Collins
  24. Love from Afar