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June 22, 1999
Pop/Rock, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Scandinavian Metal, Progressive Metal

Album Review

Like their countrymen Entombed, In Flames add the familiar influence (and sense of groove) of classic heavy metal to their extreme death metal sounds, as well as progressive instrumental interludes that help lend a feel of epic drama to their music. Colony's arrangements experiment with sound effects, melodic guitar leads, varied textures, and Hammond organ, adding more detail, contrast, and dramatic structure to the rush of their onslaught and making it a definite step forward for the group.
Steve Huey, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Embody the Invisible
  2. Ordinary Story
  3. Scorn
  4. Colony
  5. Zombie Inc.
  6. Pallar Anders Visa
  7. Coerced Coexistence
  8. Resin
  9. Behind Space '99
  10. Insipid 2000
  11. The New World