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Pop/Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Psychedelic, Folk-Rock, College Rock

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The unstoppable Robyn Hitchcock collected his outtakes from the Jewels for Sophia sessions as well as some odds and ends for this self-released 12-song collection. Thanks to a 1999 ad for a Volkswagen, Hitchcock's "I Saw Nick Drake" was topical, which isn't usually the case for the willfully obscure artist. "1974" is reprised from Storefront Hitchcock, and the frequent live showstopper "The Philosophers' Stone" is finally committed to disc in all of its glorious frenzy. As seemingly the last alternative singer/songwriter not to try hip-hop, Hitchcock caves in with his "Antwoman (Dub)." This is one outtake that the world probably could've done without, but then this is yet another in a long line of Hitchcock's gratuitous releases for completists who won't be disappointed, even with its excesses.
Denise Sullivan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Daisy Bomb
  2. I Saw Nick Drake
  3. Adoration of the City
  4. 1974
  5. I Wish I Like You
  6. Nietzsche's Way
  7. The Philosophers' Stone
  8. The Green Boy
  9. Judas Sings (Jesus and Me) [The Judas Kiss]
  10. Antwoman [Dub]
  11. I Used to Love You
  12. The Underneath
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