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I.R.S. Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Jangle Pop, Power Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock

Album Review

Repercussion is very much of a piece with the debut, repeating much of the same formula that made Stands for Decibels great -- terrific harmonies, winning melodies, and catchy hooks with subtle quirks thrown into the mix. This time, they feature a fuller, more polished sound, but the impact of the songs isn't diminished. Stamey left shortly after Repercussion to pursue a solo career. ["pH Factor" was added as a bonus track to the IRS CD reissue in 1989.]
Chris Woodstra, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Happenstance
  2. We Were Happy There
  3. Living a Lie
  4. From a Window to a Screen
  5. Ask for Jill
  6. Amplifier
  7. Soul Kiss
  8. Neverland
  9. Storm Warning
  10. Ups and Downs
  11. Nothing Is Wrong
  12. In Spain
  13. I Feel Good (Today)
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