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February 26, 2002
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Sadcore, Indie Rock

Album Review

Though Lasse Lindh's second record is his first sung in English, he sounds as if he's been singing this way all along. In fact, he resembles Elliott Smith fronting Travis or Coldplay, leaving little to indicate that he is Swedish. His lamentations about heartache and lost relationships have all kinds of metaphors for the stomping of his heart, though his tearjerkers are bigger and more rock-oriented than his Swedish counterparts. "Walk With Me" and "Computerwelt" drift away from indie pop, moving into grandiose rock ballads. No one, however, could be more of a hopeless romantic than Lindh, as his heart gets dragged around in almost every verse. He suffers mentally ("the heart is old and the pain must grow") and physically ("it's the broken jaw, it's the cut from the saw"). Lindh is lonely and abandoned, though it sure resulted in a commendable album. The U.S. release includes three bonus tracks.
Kenyon Hopkin, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bruised
  2. Walk With Me
  3. C'mon Through
  4. The Heart Is Old
  5. Computerwelt
  6. River
  7. The Stuff
  8. Damage Done
  9. Trigger Happy
  10. Best Laid Plans
  11. Rush [*]
  12. Teenage Skin [*]
  13. Stargirl [*]
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