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Castle Music Ltd.
Pop/Rock, British Invasion

Album Review

The 28-song That's Nice: Anthology contains, track for track, exactly the same Neil Christian & the Crusaders material that showed up a decade earlier on the 1992 See for Miles compilation 1962-1973. The differences are slight but noteworthy: the tracks are here sequenced in chronological order instead of jumping back and forth, and the liner notes are considerably better, also adding a bunch of nice pictures and sleeve repros absent from the See for Miles booklet. That gives it the edge, but it's still only of marginal interest to British Invasion fans, despite a couple of excellent songs. With the exception of one uninteresting 1973 recording that was not released at the time, everything was recorded between 1962-1968, covering singles, EP cuts, and a few tracks that lay unissued until the 1992 See for Miles comp. Still, the only truly outstanding items are the 1963 single "Get a Load of This," Christian's best stab at Merseybeat (with sterling guitar by Jimmy Page), and the mid-'60s cut "I Like It," which boasts some storming British R&B guitar (also by Page). Otherwise Christian was just too prone to mediocre pop tunes, some of them sub-music hall-ish outings that could be cringe-inducingly lame. The 1962 demo "Feel in the Mood" isn't bad, and the 1962 Joe Meek-produced single "The Road to Love" is of some interest to fans of the eccentric producer. But even most of Christian's attempts to rock out don't cut it either on crummy covers of old '50s rock & roll hits or his interpretations of fine Miki Dallon-penned rockers like "Let Me In" and "She's Got the Action." Those last two, incidentally, are way worse than the fine versions cut around the same time by the British group the Sorrows, a highly recommended alternative if you want to hear Dallon's songs at their best.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Feel in the Mood
  2. The Road to Love
  3. The Big Beat Drum
  4. A Little Bit of Someone Else
  5. Get a Load of This
  6. Honey Hush
  7. One for the Money
  8. Give the Game Away
  9. Let Me In
  10. I Like It
  11. That's Nice
  12. She's Got the Action
  13. Two at a Time
  14. Wanna Lover
  15. Oops
  16. She Said Yeah
  17. Dedicated Follower of Fashion [#]
  18. I Remember [#]
  19. What Would Your Mama Say Now [#]
  20. I'm Gonna Love You Baby
  21. Bit by Bit
  22. Count Down [#]
  23. Bad Girl [#]
  24. You're All Things Bright & Beautiful
  25. Let Me Hear You Laugh
  26. My Baby Left Me
  27. Yaketty Yak
  28. All Last Night [#]