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November 01, 2005
La Escondida
Latin, World Fusion, Cuban Traditions, Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz

Album Review

It's not that Chucho Valdés' Virtuoso fails to dazzle -- this is the same swift-fingered Valdés who plunked and pounded so appealingly alongside Buena Vista Social Club, after all -- but it does take a couple of weird turns. The first several tracks land on unsuspecting ears like lullabies, the trouble there being not that they're overly gentle or soporific but that they lack a signature Cuban sound; skill goes on display at the expense of flavor. Later, when Valdés does let it rip alongside a more traditional, Buena Vista-style band, he is occasionally drowned out by the wailings of an overly emphasized jazz vocalist. But between these frustrations a cluster of rum-soaked winners spike through. Tuning way into "Sentimental" is like hitching a tear-stained ride to old Havana, and the weather-beaten charm of "El Manisero" couldn't be more distinctively, winningly Chucho-derived.
Tammy La Gorce, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Balada Para Caridad y Emilio
  2. El Bolero
  3. Realidad
  4. Improvisación
  5. Niebla
  6. Solamente una Vez
  7. Come Fue
  8. El Día Que Me Quieras
  9. Tu Me Acostumbraste
  10. Sentimental
  11. Tres Palabras
  12. El Manisero
  13. Dos Perlas y un Dolor
  14. Novia Mía
  15. Tú Mi Delirio
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