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Alligator Records
Blues, Regional Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues

Album Review

The title says it all. William Clarke cooks on Blowin' Like Hell, his first CD. And these are new sounds. Songs like "Lollipop Mama," "Gambling for My Bread," and "Lonesome Bedroom Blues" (all written by Clarke) are just great tunes. "Must Be Jelly" won Clarke a W.C. Handy Award for blues song of the year in 1991. You'll find yourself humming them. Clarke's timing and music are right on the money, with the great Alex Schultz on lead guitar. There is no doubt that Clarke is one of the few modern bluesmen who are exploring and extending the amplified blues harp tradition without violating any of its principles. No one plays chromatic blues harp with this kind of passion and sheer conviction. Hear for yourself.
Michael Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Lollipop Mama
  2. Lonesome Bedroom Blues
  3. Gambling for My Bread
  4. Greasy Gravy
  5. Trying So Hard
  6. Cash Money
  7. Must Be Jelly
  8. Sweet Angel's Gone
  9. Looking to the Future
  10. Drinking by Myself
  11. Blowin' Like Hell
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