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Pop/Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Alternative/Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, Folk-Rock

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After the debacle that was the making of 1982's Groovy Decay, Robyn Hitchcock briefly retired from music, and when he returned it was with an album that offered a thoroughly uncompromised vision of Hitchcock's imagination. Released in 1984, I Often Dream of Trains was a primarily acoustic set with Hitchcock handling nearly all the instruments and vocals by himself; the tone is spare compared to the full-on rock & roll of his recordings with the Soft Boys or his solo debut, Black Snake Diamond Role, but the curious beauty of Hitchcock's melodies is every bit as striking in these stripped-down sessions, and the surreal imagery of "Flavour of Night," "Trams of Old London," and the title song comes to vivid and enchanting life. Hitchcock's off-kilter wit has rarely been as effective as it is on this album; the jaunty harmonies of "Uncorrected Personality Traits" are the ideal complement for the song's psychobabble, "Sounds Great When You're Dead" manages to be funny and a bit disturbing at once, and the drunken campfire singalong of "Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus" was joyously sloppy enough to inspire a cover by the Replacements. There's a slightly ramshackle quality to these recordings, but Hitchcock was rarely in more uniformly fine form as a songwriter, and there is a consistency of tone to the disc that makes it all the more effective, drawing listeners into a curious world of its own and allowing them to explore the surroundings and their quiet splendor. And Hitchcock has rarely recorded a song as luminously gorgeous as "Autumn Is Your Last Chance." Hitchcock would pick up his electric guitar and reunite with his band the Egyptians in 1985, releasing two fine albums in one year, but I Often Dream of Trains was a simple and marvelously effective return to action that's all the more winning for its subdued, tentative tone.
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Nocturne (Prelude)
  2. Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
  3. Cathedral
  4. Uncorrected Personality Traits
  5. Sounds Great When You're Dead
  6. Flavour of Night
  7. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus
  8. Mellow Together
  9. Winter Love
  10. The Bones in the Ground
  11. My Favourite Buildings
  12. I Used to Say I Love You
  13. This Could Be the Day
  14. Trams of Old London
  15. Furry Green Atom Bowl
  16. Heart Full of Leaves
  17. Autumn Is Your Last Chance
  18. I Often Dream of Trains
  19. Nocturne (Demise)
  20. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus [#][*][Demo Version]
  21. Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl [#][*][Demo Version]
  22. Cathedral [#][*][Demo Version]
  23. Mellow Together [#][*][Demo Version]
  24. The Bones in the Ground [#][*][Demo Version]
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