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January 10, 2005
British Archive Of Country Music

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Track Listing

  1. When You Wake Up in the Morning I'll Be Gone
  2. Little Sweetheart of the Saddle
  3. Trail of Tears
  4. I'm Hitchin' My Wagon to a Star
  5. My Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  6. An Old Dusty Saddle for Sale
  7. Dear It's a Crying Shame
  8. Cowpuncher's Blues
  9. Blue Days
  10. When the Roundup Days Are Over
  11. I'm Happy-Go-Lucky & Free
  12. How Many Miles to Heaven
  13. I Want to Be Loved by You
  14. Uncle Noah's Ark
  15. Prairie Moonlight & You
  16. Those Boots That I Wore on the Range
  17. Are You Tired of Me Darling
  18. Goodbye to the Old Empty Ranch House
  19. Four Walls Around Me
  20. Lane County Bachelor
  21. Let's Pretend We're Sweethearts Again
  22. White Waterfall
  23. I'll Die Before I Tell You Goodbye
  24. When the Golden Rods Are Blooming
  25. My Mother
  26. They Laid Him in the Ground
  27. Me & My Burro
  28. Were You Sincere
  29. When the Cactus Is Blooming at Home
  30. I Wish I Was Single Again