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Building on his start as one of the most popular finalists of American Idol's fifth season, Chris Daughtry's post-Idol career spanned the archetypal modern rock of his early albums to the folk- and dance-tinged territory of 2010s albums such as Baptized. Where Bo Bice proved that American Idol could have a rocker as a finalist, Chris Daughtry proved that the show could generate a successful rocker outside the context of the show. Of course, it helped that he was the polar opposite of Bice, a shaggy retro-rocker soaked in the South. Bold and bald, Daughtry was the picture of a modern rocker, living by the rulebook written by Live and Fuel. These were the qualities that helped make Chris Daughtry the most successful new rock & roll singer of 2006, as well as one of the most successful Idol graduates in the show's history.

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