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With a blistering yet playful sonic attack to rival fellow indie rock reconstructionists Go! Team, EAR PWR balance melody and experimentation, twee and cigarettes, all with the spirit of a 1980s acid house smiley face. The music flies fast and furious in constant fits of ecstasy with singer Sarah Reynolds injecting light and sweet mantras of goofy wisdom about manatees and favorite sweaters. EAR PWR formed in the mid-2000s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina when Reynolds began a relationship (both musical and romantic) with local musician Devin Booze. The duo earned a quick following for a frenetic live show that featured Reynolds singing in delirium as Booze tossed himself all about the stage and into the crowd. After a few 7"s on a Chapel Hill indie, the pair left North Carolina for Baltimore, where they signed with Carpark Records and released the bubbly Super Animal Brothers II in 2009. While the album met with mixed reviews, the buzz was substantial and the fan base continued to grow as EAR PWR prepared for their second outing, EAR PWR, which was released in 2011.
Jason Thurston, Rovi