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Among the first acts to take the U.K. electronic dance music community from the underground into the mainstream, S'Express were the brainchild of producer and DJ Mark Moore. Born and raised in London, Moore first made a name for himself in 1983, when he began DJ'ing at Philip Salon's popular London nightspot the Mud Club. Moore quickly became a favorite with the club's regulars and spun there on a regular basis for five years, eventually expanding into nights at other London dance venues, including Heaven and Shroom, and helping to popularize Chicago house and Detroit techno in Great Britain. In 1988, Moore made the leap from DJ to recording artist when he formed S'Express with producer and songwriter Pascal Gabriel. S'Express made their debut with the single "Theme from S'Express," an infectious house-influenced dance tune that used samples as building blocks, particularly elements of Rose Royce's "Is It Love You're After" and TZ's "I Got the Hots for You." "Theme from S'Express" became a major chart success in England, rising to the top of the pop singles charts and earning the de facto group an appearance on Top of the Pops; it was also a top seller in Europe and Australia, and became a club favorite in the United States.