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Definition of Sound

The London-based duo known as Definition of Sound created an appealing and exciting blend of post-acid house hip-hop that merged freestyle, reggae, rap, funk, rock, and R&B. One minute the group sounded like Al Green, the next Van Morrison, the next the Ombres. Kevin Clark and Don Weekes met at a mutual friend's house while they were listening to new and rare records and freestyling raps. Weekes, who had recorded with Coldcut's Matt Black and was briefly a member of X Posse, was impressed with Clark's skills and soon the two were working together on material. The two recorded a demo tape and under the name Top Billin' released two underground hits, "Naturally" and "Straight From the Soul" on the Dance Yard label. The interest generated by the singles led to a deal with Circa Records -- and a U.K. following that grew as they opened shows for such visiting acts as KRS-One and Kid 'N Play. The Virgin Records-financed dance label Cardiac signed the group up to a U.S. deal after hearing them at an industry conference.