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Elizabeth Mitchell

Not to be confused with the television actress of the same name who co-starred on the hit series Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell is a folk-rock singer and guitarist with a widely varied background that incorporates coffeehouse-style folksinging, moody and contemplative alt-country, and playful children's music. Mitchell's professional musical career began when she was studying at Brown University in the late '80s, when she formed a folk duo with her roommate, Lisa Loeb, who worked the Providence, Rhode Island singer/songwriter circuit. When Loeb and Mitchell graduated in 1990, Mitchell took a day job as a teaching assistant at a private kindergarten on Roosevelt Island, New York, and while there, met a fellow singer and guitarist named Dan Littleton, with whom she formed a quiet, folky indie band called Ida in 1991. (Mitchell and Littleton also sang backup and played guitar on Loeb's unexpected 1993 hit single, "Stay [I Missed You].")