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Phil Anselmo

Known primarily as the over the top, drill instructor-like frontman for heavy metal titans Pantera, singer Phil Anselmo is also the leader of several other similarly styled side projects. Born on June 30, 1968, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Anselmo developed an admiration for heavy metal as a teenager, leading to his fronting several local bands in the '80s. Legend has it that one night the members of Pantera (guitarist Dimebag Darrell, drummer Vinnie Paul, and drummer Rex Brown) happened to go to a club in Louisiana that Anselmo frequented. Although Pantera had already established a following and issued several albums on their own (1983's Metal Magic, 1984's Projects in the Jungle, and 1985's I Am the Night), the band had grown weary of their Spinal Tap-ish musical direction with then-singer Terry Glaze, resulting in the dismissal of their frontman and a reevaluation of their approach. Anselmo and Pantera hit it off, and soon he was welcomed in as their new singer.

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