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Adam Schlesinger

With an impressive list of credits to his name (including being a member of not just one, but two, eminent indie/power pop bands), Adam Schlesinger did much to establish himself as one of the busiest, hardest-working musicians of the '90s and beyond. Born on October 31, 1967, into a family with predominant musical backgrounds, Schlesinger began taking piano lessons at age five. After playing in bands throughout high school, he headed off to Williams College in Massachusetts, where he soon met guitarist/songwriter Chris Collingwood. The pair began writing and playing music together in a number of different bands while finishing their degrees, and they eventually recorded an unreleased album under the name of Pinnwheel. In 1991, Schlesinger left Massachusetts for New York (effectively dissolving his musical partnership with Collingwood), and by 1993, he was taken aboard as the bass player for the indie pop trio Ivy.

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