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Beat Rodeo

Although usually tagged an "alternative" band during their brief career, Beat Rodeo wasn't afraid to let their retro-rock roots shine through in their music, comparable to such other similarly styled bands of the era as the Blasters and Green on Red. Led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Steve Almaas (who was previously a member of late-'70s punkers Suicide Commandos and country rockers the Crackers), the Minneapolis, MN-based quartet originally formed in 1983, consisting of other members Bill Schunk (guitar, vocals), Dan Prater (bass, vocals), and Mike Osborn (drums). Rising from the same scene that spawned the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Soul Asylum, the quartet issued a self-titled EP before signing a year after their formation with a German label, Zensor Records, which released Beat Rodeo's debut, Staying out Late With...Beat Rodeo, in July of 1984.

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