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Ethan James

Ethan James is a curious figure, an artist who spent years playing, producing and engineering other people's music before finally finding his own muse. Born Ralph Burns Kellogg, he spent time as a teenager in San Francisco R&B bands in the early-'60s and joined Blue Cheer in 1969, shortly after the group found success with their cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues." He remained with Blue Cheer, touring and recording, until their breakup in 1971. After spending the remainder of the '70s playing in Los Angeles-area country & western bands, he changed his name and rose to prominence in 1980 as the owner of Radio Tokyo Studios. James' partner in the studio, who was supposed to handle some of the bookings, broke his leg and was unable to drum up business. Since the studio was empty, James invited a local band called the Unclaimed to make a record for free just because he liked their sound. The resulting EP captured the band well and brought James to the attention of up-and-coming producer Bill Inglot. Through Inglot's connections, James was referred to many bands in the paisley underground and punk scene and he engineered albums for the Last, the Bangles, Rain Parade, and several other groups.

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