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It's been a While

Posted By: Alysha O'Hearn · 8/5/2013 7:44:00 PM

I went to the Children's festival on July 27th and it was great seeing all the little ones having so much fun even though it was raining! The ice cream eating competition was fun to see! And messy! They were als visited by pirates! I got a picture taken of me as a pirate! I don't look to scary... haha

I had a great time during belledune days! I mety Maquerel man at the maquerel derby! He's a pretty cool guy!  I also went to the first Sunday brunch at Phantoms restaurant! Everything look so yummy! Belledune days had amazing fireworks! WE thought it was going to rain on us but we lucked out and the clouds went everywhere except Belledune! I also had a great time today for New-Brunswick day! I hung out at the Arena in Beresford for some NB day festivities!

I hope everyone had a great long ...

Exciting Stuff!

Posted By: Alysha O'Hearn · 7/24/2013 7:57:00 PM

So I haven't posted a blog in a few days and I have lots to talk about!

I'm going to start with the last two days of Hospitality days! Saturday Signall Hill, The Stanfields and Certified played and ity was an awesome show! I got to meet Signal hill and they gave me a CD and I also got a picture with the lead singer! Then I got to meet The Stanfields and they were really nice guys! Hopefully I'll get to see them again when I'm in Ottawa for school! They told me they are playing there sometime in the fall! My best friend Kathleen was down to visit me from Ontario and Hospitality days made her stay so much more enjoyable! On Sunday I was in the parade, which was super exciting! I had never been in one before. That night I hung out with Christine and her ...

Acadian Night

Posted By: Alysha O'Hearn · 7/19/2013 10:34:00 PM

Today I went to visit Soiree in the Place Bathurst Mall and tried on some clothes and hung out with the wonderful ladies that work there!  Tonight I went to Acadian Night under the Big Tent and it was awesome! The show reminded me of how much fun Acadian parties are! Bois Joli sounded amazing, their music reminded me of the tunes I grew up on! Everyone was dancing and the majority were wearing their Acadian colors.. Red, white, blue, and yellow!

It was a fun night! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Classic Rock Night!

Posted By: Alysha O'Hearn · 7/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Great show under The Big Tent with Marc Melanson and the Bandits, Tom Cochrane and The Red Riders, and Toxic! There was a huige crowd, it was an awesome turn out! Everyone went crazy when Tom Cochrane and The Red Riders played Life is a highway! I swear that Tom Cochrane looked right at me and winked but my friend Kathleen thinks he looked at her! It's very exciting to see local bands up on stage with such known performers!  I got some great pictures of them!  I even got a picture of the body guard in front of the private porta-potty! He's doing a great job!

The start of Hospitality Days!

Posted By: Alysha O'Hearn · 7/17/2013 10:46:00 PM

Happy Hospitality Days everyone! I hope you enjoy the festival!

Yesterday to kick it all off was Hospitality Idol! The contestants were all amazingly talented but of course the judges and the crowd needed to pick winners! The 2013 winners are Myriam Arseneau (Crowds pick) and Maxime Boudreau (Judges pick ), they both walked away with $500 in their pockets, which  they are proudly showing off in the picture!

Tonight Angry Candy performed under The Big Tent and they were absolutely amazing! I am proud to tell people that they are from the Maritimes! I got to take a picture with the band and it's very exciting to me because in my books they are considered celebrities! Wild Pitch followed and also put on a great performance! If you weren't there you missed out on an amazing night and if you were there well you know how much fun it was!

Hope ...