Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

LOST - July 1st - A Black cat with Brown & stripes, has extra toes (big paws) around Munroe Steet, name is Toutounne, very friendly. If found please call 350-1130.

FOUND - July 1st - Near Victoria Park - Set of Keys, if you think they are yours, please call 547-1360.

FOUND - June 30th, On Chaleur St. in Beresford - A Shitzu type black dog (Male) - if it is yours please call 543-4825.

LOST - Gold chain, West Bathurst-Beresford area. If found, please call 545-5800.

LOST - On Oceanridge Road - Small black & white cat, about 6 months old - white paws with black spots, name is Cowboy. If found, please call 350-1094.

LOST - Morning of June 29th - IPhone 5, if found please contact Paula at 545-7394.

LOST - 2 set's of keys on Sunset Dr. - if found, please call 546-5169.

LOST - A set of keys (Nissan)  in the Bathurst and surrouding areas.  If found please call 548-8002.

LOST - Bundle of Pink R12 Insulation, somewhere between Pabineau Falls and Pokeshaw. If found please call 252-0853 or 252-0856 or 732-5157.

LOST - Pair of Black Ladies Prescription sunglasses in the Bathurst area. If found please call 547-0018.

FOUND - Male dog, reddish color, friendly, looks like a Lab. Was on the Main Street in Jacquet River, but has been taken to the Dalhousie SPCA.

FOUND - June 22nd in the Petit Rocher area - A Male Boxer dog, very friendly, wearing a black collar. He is all brown with tips of paws and tail white. If it is your dog, contact BENIRO - 783-2420.

LOST - St. Bernard dog in the Sormany area - if found please call 783-4940.

LOST - Black and White male cat around the Gloucester Junction arean (Rough Waters). Last seen on the evening of June 11th, answers to the name "Mimine" - if found, please call 548-4996.

LOST - June 14th - pair of black prescription sunglasses, if found please call 547-0018.

LOST - June 14th - Between McDonalds and Apollo Cinemas - An envelope with money in it, if found please call 226-1570.

LOST - June 11th - Bathurst area, a silver Hearing Aid. If found, please call 546-3035.

FOUND - June 9th - Social Insurance Card along the Trans Canada Highway, near North Tetagouche. If you think this is your card, please call 480-0293 and use your name for identification.

FOUND - June 9th - Dark brown Male dog - fairly old, possibly blind in one eye, has 3 tags on him but they are not readable. Found in Beresford on rue Linda Street. If this is your dog, please call Beniro at 783-2420.

LOST - June 5th - A Black & Siver box, fell off the back of a Motorcycle. Between the Tim Horton's on Vanier Blvd. onto the Trans Canada, took Sunset Dr. exit to Dunlop. Reward offered if found and returned. Please call 506-623-9842.

LOST - June 5th - Set of keys, somewhere between Sobeys and Tim Hortons on St. Peter Ave. It has a Red string attached to it. If found please call 546-2130.

FOUND - June 4th - Cellular phone found at the Kent Building supplies store. If it is yours, please go to store or call 548-2001.

LOST - June 3rd - Set of Keys at the Chaleur Regional Hospital. Has a green string attached to it. If found, please call 350-1936.

LOST - May 31st - Set of Keys in the NB Trails starting behind ESN. Black Kia written on it, with the letter M. If found, please call or text 252-2644.

LOST - May 25th - A Hearing Aid in a small black pouch. Somewhere between the Tim Hortons on St. Peter Ave. and Walmart. If found, please call 543-5022 or 226-0662.

LOST - May 20th in the Victoria Avenue area, small female Grey and White cat. Goes by the name "Daisy" if found, please call Isabelle Hachey at 252-0555.

FOUND - Yellow cat, wearing a flea collar and has pink colored claws. Found in Nigadoo on rue Chaleur Street. If this is your cat, call Patrice Gionet at the Fourierre Beniro Animal Shelter - 783-2420.

LOST - Set of keys - either inside or outside of Mcdonalds on St. Peter Ave. If found please contact Max 104.9 or Donna Smearer at 480-8419.

FOUND - May 11th - Set of keys at the Beresford beach. For more info call the BNPP at 542-2666.

FOUND - May 6th - A Key remote for a Kia vehicle, left on the counter at Leon's Store (St. Peter Ave) if it is yours call 548-2650.

LOST - May 4th - Black Samsung Cell phone in the Bathurst Area. If found please call 548-2019.

LOST - April 30th - Ladies white wallet in the West Bathurst area. If found please call Nancy Richardson @ 252-2501.

FOUND - Brand new trailer kit for Toyota, close to the Holy Family Church, flew out of the back of a truck. Please call - 548-8045.

LOST - May 4th - Cat, grey with black stripes near South Bathurst. 3 years old, declawed. If found please call 546-9137 or 544-5469.

LOST - April 28th - Dog lost in the Petit-Rocher, Nigadoo area. Beige colored Labrador, his name is Mayo, but he is almost completely deaf. He is very friendly. If found please call 226-1755.

LOST April 28th - A black wallet lost between the Dixie Lee in Grande-Anse and Bathurst …If you’ve found this wallet, please call Claude at 480-0988.

LOST - Sunday, April 19th, on Veteran's Bridge -  A ladies Seiko watch. If found, please call 548-9478.

LOST - Small dog, last seen wandering on Hwy 11 neaer Jacquet River exit on Apr.9th, Cindy is a small 12yr old white and caramel coloured dog, looks like a Corgi. If found please call - 237-2080.

LOST - Man's wallet, downtown area. If found please call 480-1760.

LOST - Dog, grey & white Shitzu goes by the name "Rosie". Lost in East Bathurst, Packard Street/Miramichi Ave. area. If found please call 546-3796 or 549-9316.

LOST - Man's wallet, has Ontario ID inside. If found please contact - 545-7718.

LOST - Keys in the West Bathurst area, with a pink ribbon. If found, please call 549-1253.

LOST  - March 24th - Young female, dark grey cat. Escaped on Rue Godin in Beresford, probably won't let anyone catch her. If seen, please contact 252-0259.

LOST - March 20th - A Ladies wallet near the Christie's store on Main Street. It is brown with Alligator print. If found please call 252-2702.

LOST - March 18th - A Torque Wrench in a Red Snap-On case. Lost on or around the Hospital Exit, Highway #11. If found please call 548-9980 or return to Bayview Trucks & Equipment.

FOUND – March 17th - A set of keys with  a round cardboard attachement with the name Alex on it , it was found on vanier boulevard if these are yours please call 546-5719 

LOST - March 16th -A black prescription eyeglass case, with grey framed glasses inside.  This was lost the morning of March 16th (Monday) at McDonalds Restaurant (St peter Ave); if you’ve found them, please contact Gerard Couture at 548-9132 or Judy Couture at 547-2766