Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

 JULY 29—LOST approx 1 week ago set of house & car keys around the Kent Lodge Rd beach area, has Jeep Rubicon key, possible war amp tag on set, please call 544-5798 ask for Marc Emile...reward offered.

JULY 28-LOST—House & car keys with Stothart tag...on Sunday at waterfront downtown Bathurst.  Call 480-0194. 

JULY 28—LOST—GPS Hummingbird system for motor boat in the Petit Rocher area.  Call 548-9452...reward offered.  

JULY 28--LOST on Sat-- a big white & brown American bulldog, very friendly, goes by the name of Costo around Ste Anne area (close to airport)  Call 252-0187. 

JULY 24--FOUND a black and gray cat in Beresford. Tag says : Luckie Roy. Owner please contact Roger Pitre 542-2107

JULY 22—LOST on Saturday July 19th around the mines road-King Ave area (BMW & Chrysler keys)…..if found please call 546-5382.

JULY 17---FOUND--Somebody brought a set of keys that they found on the sidewalk next to Lounsbury’s parking lot. The keys are for an Acura.The person can redeem them at the reception desk at Lounsbury.

JULY 14—A big reddish color dog roaming around South Tetagouche-Arseneau Road area for the last week or so. He seems to be very healthy at this point but won't come when you call it.   If you think this is your dog---please call 549-1253.

JULY 11—Lost a set of keys tied to an orange ribbon.  Call 548-3354

JULY 10—Found near the underpass on Rough Water Dr approximately 2 weeks ago, pair of brown trim prescitipion glasses in brown case.  Call 547-1360

JULY 9—Found a little male dog, looks like Pomeranian and terry mix....kinda goldish brown eyes...adorable....has a Run for the cure dog collar, was found around corner of Rough Waters & Miramichi Ave....extremely friendly.  Call 350-0562

JULY 9—Lost set of Chevrolet keys with remote, has Acadian Key tag with the last name of Chiasson on it.  Call 548-9449

JULY 7—Lost mediums size dog around Clifton area on Sat July 5th, short haired, white, black & brown, has one blue and one brown eye, male, chain around neck and his name is Benny.  Call 546-2892

JULY 5-Lost - Eyeglasses in a black pouch lost near the old hospital on Murray Avenue. If found, call 252-1412.