Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

LOST APRIL 23: Lost Wallet – Black. Lost somewhere between Burger King & downtown. If found, please call 543 3488

LOST APRIL 20: Cat - a female car (Maya) in Beresford on Francine street (Foulem subdivision). Contact 546-3010 or 252-3044

LOST APRIL 22: Lost a set of car keys between vanier blv. and Sobeys please call 405-226-2228 if found.

LOST APRIL 21: 6 month old Bermise Mountain Dog lost last night in the East Bathurst Area (on Bridge Street). Black and white, no collar, goes by the name of Grace. Please call 252-4335. Reward if found. 

FOUND APRIL 20: Set of keys (car and house) found about a week ago on Reese lane in South Bathurst. Please call us at the radion station to enquire 547-1360.

LOST APRIL 10: Red woman's wallet near Sermax Convenience. If found, please call 545-7970. 

LOST APRIL 7: A black wallet was lost last night between the Subway and Carquest in Beresford. Please call Marc Hache at 430-0658 if found.

FOUND APRIL 4: A white lab female was found  on Main Street  in Pointe Verte.  To claim your dog please call the  Beniro Shelter at 783-2420

Un Lab blanc female a été ramassé sur la rue Principale a Pointe Verte .   Pour  réclamer votre chien s.v.p.  téléphonez  à la Fourrière Beniro au 783-2420 

FOUND: March 31:  An Iphone in a green case. Found at the Titan Game at the K.C Irving Centre on Tuesday. If it is yours, please contact 506 480 9100 or 430 0636

FOUND: March 23: The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a female Boxer  on rue Champlain in  Petit Rocher.  To claim your dog or if you have any  informations that might help us find the owner,  please call 783-2420. Thank You. 

La Fourriere Beniro  un Boxer Femelle sur la rue Champlain a Petit Rocher centre.  Si ce chien vous appartient ou si vous connaîssez le propriétaire veuillez téléphoner au 783-2420.  Merci  

LOST: March 22: - Black men’s wallet near the Tim Horton’s in Petit Rocher. If found, please call 506 226 0104

FOUND: March 14 - Cell phone found (black with a green trim) on Assaff street. Please contact us on 547-1360.

FOUND:  March 4 -  A Medicare Card (NB) found Downtown Bathurst on Main Street.  If it's yours, call Gerry at 548-9711

LOST: FEB 25 - A 10 Foot Painters Pole. Yellow with the intials "MM" engraved. Lost somewhere between Middle River & Industrial Park Bathurst. If found please call 548 4871.  

FOUND: FEB18 - Small beige shitzu found in the Parkwood Heights area last night and was brought in for the night. He has a blue collar. Please call 546-6461 if he belongs to you. 

FOUND: Feb 17 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a small Dachshund  male on rue du Parc in Pointe Verte.  To claim your dog please call 783-2420

La Fourriere Beniro  a trouvé un petit chien (Teckel) male sur la rue du Parc a Pointe Verte.  Tel.  au 783-2420.   

LOST: A wide tri Color gold bracelet. It is very special to the owner. If found please call 544-5988.

LOST : A brown leather checkbook folder with 300 to 400 dollars in it. If found call Diana 548-2333 or 480-1353.

LOST: a Hubcap for a 2015 Chrysler 200. Lost somewhere on St. Peter Ave between McDonald's and the Place Bathurst Mall. If found, please call 545 6611.

FOUND:  January 21st - A gray and black cat found in Alcida.  The man who found it is worried it was going to freeze, so he brought it in... if it's your cat, please call 783-3481 ...he can't keep it for long.   (Un chat gris et noir trouvé à Alcida... telephonez 783-3481 si c'est votre chat)

FOUND:  January 18th - One complete Wheel (Tire and rim) found on Miramichi Road (Bathurst), near the bypass... looks like it might be a spare tire that fell off or something.  If it's your Wheel, Eugene put it in his garage, call him for it:  546-5166 or 545-0476

LOST: Dec 18 - Set of keys lost last evening in the parking lot of St. Hubert on St. Anne Street. There is a car starter on this set and a lot of keys.  If found please contact 506-548-9904.

LOST: Dec 17 - Black wallet (with words Ride Hard Live Free on front) lost last night between Tim Hortons on St Peters Ave and Assaff Drive. Please contact Harley Joncas at 549-3232. 

LOST: Dec 16 - Men's wedding band lost yesterday at the JC Pool parkin glot. Black Tungsten wedding band. Please call Kevin Aube at 480-0978

FOUND: Dec 15 - Set of keys found last night in Big River by a mail box. Please call 548-4015 to claim.  

LOST: Dec 15 - Brown patchwork leather wallet lost at Walmart last night. 3 zippers on top. REWARD OF $50 offered if returned. Please call Solange Hache at 783-3034. 

LOST: Dec 14 -  Lost white Bichon Maltais/poodle with blue scarf in Nigadoo near Sportplex on Dec 12th at  5:00 pm. If found contact Annick Roy 430-0664.   543-2586.

LOST: Dec 11 -  Iphone 6 Gold but the case is white and purple. Lost by BHS. If found please contact Janita Chiasson at 218 0262. 

LOST: Dec 10 - lost set of car keys on Dec. 7.  There is a remote on it, a mail box key and another key. Please call 546-3998 if found.

LOST: Dec 2 - Aser Cell phone with case lost in RBC parking lot at around 10h55am this morning (or possibily at mall near Staples). Please contact Kent Gibbons at 509-0190.  

FOUND: Nov 26 - Chainsaw fell out of truck driving on rue du Moulin West in Nigadoo by the Nigadoo truck stop. Please call BNPP regional police at 542-2666. 

LOST: Nov 18th - Lost dog (pomeranien) in the youghall area. Please call 544-1002.

FOUND: Nov 16th - Wheel cover for 2014 Hyundai Elantra, probably in West Bathurst, around Burger King. Please call 545-7999 if found. 

FOUND: Nov 14th - Medic bracelet found at Canadian Tire. Call 547-8120 or ask at Canadian Tire front desk. 

FOUND: Nov 13th - Pair of blue & brown prescription glasses found at a Bakerie (message left on Max104.9 voicemail with no name or contact telephone number)

FOUND: Nov 6 - Set of keys (3) found on Daniel Drive today. Please contact Charles or Linda Lavigne at 548-8382 or 547-4173. 

FOUND: Nov 6 - The Beniro shelter has picked up a stray dog on rue Principale in Beresford near the Dixie Lee. It`s a black and brown mix colored female, medium size with long skinny legs.  For more info call 783-2420.  Thank You. 

La Fourrière Beniro  a ramassé une chienne  qui errait sur la rue Principale à Beresford près du Dixie Lee.  Elle est de grosseur moyenne, haute sur pattes et de couleur noir et brun mélangée.  Téléphonez au 783-2420 pour plus d'information. Merci 

LOST: Nov 2 -  one silver hoop earring. Lost on  Friday, Oct 30th, possibly in the Downtown area of Bathurst. If found, please call or deliver to the Max 104.9 studios 547-1360.

LOST: Oct 28 - Set of car/home keys at Clinic Nepisiguit this morning. Contact info is Janica at 226-3399. 

FOUND: Oct 23rd - House & mail keys found near mailbox on Aube's St in South Bathurst. Please call Sharon or David Doucet at 548-3424.

LOST: Oct 20th - House cat (named Mia) lost in the Beresford area (near Epicerie Frenette's) on Tuesday. Medium to long hair, gold brown and black color, no collar. Friendly cat. Please contact Richard Guitar at 542-1894 or cell 522-8066 if found. 

LOST: Oct 5 - Set of Infinity car/house keys lost anywhere from youghall area to Caribou Mine. Please call 545-7161 if found. 

LOST: Sept 24 - Set of keys with bottle opener (approx. 10 keys) lost around either the Kent Lodge area or rue Principale in Beresford. Please contact Daniel if found at 543-2810

LOST: Sept 22 - Black sunglass case with Prescription glasses inside. Lost at the Harbourfront Promenade. If found, please bring to the Max Studio (640 St. Peter Ave).

FOUND: Sept 19th - Cell phone found. If you think it may be yours please contact by email rguitard@gmail.com with description.

LOST: Aug 29th - Lost 4 house keys on ring. Please contact Gerlad on 548-8893 if found. 

LOST: Aug 25th - Engament and wedding rings lost at the Walmart Entrance in Bathurst. Please contact Nelson at 783-7201

FOUND: Sept 15 - Wallet found on Vanier St. belonging to Samantha Saulnier. Call 480-1040.

FOUND: Sept 11th - Mortorcycle side bag (Suzuki). Black and Blue. Owner must bring key for proof. Call 725-5702.

LOST: Sept 11th - Grey & white Cat lost on Vanier Boulevard. Please call Danielle Bruce at 545-8711

FOUND: Sept 10th - Large black & white male cat found on Arseneau road in Petit Rocher. Tel.: Fourriere Berniro 783-2420

FOUND: Sept 1st - Golden retreiver. Contact Rod at 544-1445

LOST: Aug. 27 - Small white maltese mix dog, female, Shaved body except for feet, head, and tail.  Around the Riverside Drive, Basin Road Area in Bathurst. Black collar with rhinstones. Answers to the name of Maggie.  Please call 548-8654 or 543-3820

LOST: August 27th - Lost dog (Fibie) in the Pointe-Verte Area. She is white and black, female, medium size. She has no collar. If founf call Danny at 545-0804

LOST: August 19th - red hat has been found at Youghall Beach last Sunday (16th). Call Victor Lavigne to claim 546-2339.

LOST: August 19th - Orange and white CAT with one blue eye & one grey eye on Daniel Drive Subdivision. Call 543-2038

LOST: August 17th - A lost dog (black and white border collie) in St Anne area, about 1 kilometer from city limits. Answers to " Otis". Has a tag with name, address and phone number. Also, a rabies vaccination tag. If you have info, please call Colette at 543-3450

FOUND:  August 12th - Seeing glasses found at youghall beach (at the point) on Sunday.

LOST:   August 9-  iPad Mini in a soft case. Lost on Victoria Ave.  Please call 545-6213 or 545-5455  Reward offered

FOUND : August 6th. A small white labrador in the St- Isidore area. 

LOST: August 5th. A Black,White and Brown Cat in the Petit-Rocher nord area.  If you find her Please Call Sylvie at 783-7860. Reward offered 

FOUND:August 4th-Set of car keys near Evangeline Dr.