Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

AUG 19—LOST—Lost on Mon Aug 18 around Vanier & Norwood ave Area, black & white, wearing collar and answeres to “Buttons”  Call 350-0564 if found. 

AUG 19—FOUND in Point Verte on Mon Aug 18....mixed Female German Sheppard , hair is cut very short and she’s very slim,  has no collar and very nervous.  You can claim her at Fourriere Beniro or call 783-2420.

AUG 19—FOUND in Point Verte on Mon Aug 18..Black femal German Sheppard, black in color....5-6 years old.  You can claim her at Fourriere Beniro or call 783-2420.

AUG 15LOST—Lost on aug 12th..... House keys with a KIA Soul Car key on it.  Call 545-6611 if found.

 AUG 14—LOST--Lost: Purple Sony Xperia Z1 cell phone. If found, please call 546-9214.

AUG 14—LOST—2 dogs in the Nicholas Deny – Saint Laurent area, a husky and a Golden Retriever. Call 783-7164.

AUG 12TH—LOST—A black remote control unit for a crane between Dunlop Nord and Petit-Rocher today around noon.  A reward offered.  Please call 783-4254 or 549-9885.

AUG 12TH—FOUND--FOUND: Blackberry on St. Anne Street yesterday. Visit The Eddy Group to claim it

AUG 11TH—LOST—Keys were left in ladies wash room at Wal-Mart on Sat Aug 9th.  If you have found them, please drop of at Max 104.9 –640 St Peter Ave, Unit 1. 

 JULY 29—LOST approx 1 week ago set of house & car keys around the Kent Lodge Rd beach area, has Jeep Rubicon key, possible war amp tag on set, please call 544-5798 ask for Marc Emile...reward offered.

JULY 28-LOST—House & car keys with Stothart tag...on Sunday at waterfront downtown Bathurst.  Call 480-0194. 

JULY 28—LOST—GPS Hummingbird system for motor boat in the Petit Rocher area.  Call 548-9452...reward offered.  

JULY 28--LOST on Sat-- a big white & brown American bulldog, very friendly, goes by the name of Costo around Ste Anne area (close to airport)  Call 252-0187. 

JULY 24--FOUND a black and gray cat in Beresford. Tag says : Luckie Roy. Owner please contact Roger Pitre 542-2107

JULY 22—LOST on Saturday July 19th around the mines road-King Ave area (BMW & Chrysler keys)…..if found please call 546-5382.

JULY 17---FOUND--Somebody brought a set of keys that they found on the sidewalk next to Lounsbury’s parking lot. The keys are for an Acura.The person can redeem them at the reception desk at Lounsbury.