Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

SEPT 17-FOUND-Near the train station in Bathurst -a big “Big Bull Mastiff” all white with a few browns spots, male, very young and very scared.  Please call 548-8537.

SEPT 14- LOST –A white German Sheppard dog on Sat Sept 19th on Big River Road around the last set of tracks area, she’s female, appx 70 lbs, goes by the name Alaska, she got loose from her collar and owner would like to have her back.  Please call 252-2027 and please leave message if no answer.

SEPT 12-LOST -3 silver keys on a ring in South Bathurst, 545-6750

SEPT 12- LOST Blue Do-A-Tang with genealogy history of two families.  Please call 546-2541

SEPT 5 – FOUND- near Robertville church , Nissan car key with command start.  If yours please call 783-8694

AUG 29—FOUND—near the Hydro line on the Roberville Road....Chevrolet Car Key & house keys.....has Zellers Club card attached.  Please call 783-2274

AUG 19—LOST—Lost on Mon Aug 18 around Vanier & Norwood ave Area, black & white, wearing collar and answeres to “Buttons”  Call 350-0564 if found. 

AUG 19—FOUND in Point Verte on Mon Aug 18....mixed Female German Sheppard , hair is cut very short and she’s very slim,  has no collar and very nervous.  You can claim her at Fourriere Beniro or call 783-2420.

AUG 19—FOUND in Point Verte on Mon Aug 18..Black femal German Sheppard, black in color....5-6 years old.  You can claim her at Fourriere Beniro or call 783-2420.

AUG 15LOST—Lost on aug 12th..... House keys with a KIA Soul Car key on it.  Call 545-6611 if found.

 AUG 14—LOST--Lost: Purple Sony Xperia Z1 cell phone. If found, please call 546-9214.

AUG 14—LOST—2 dogs in the Nicholas Deny – Saint Laurent area, a husky and a Golden Retriever. Call 783-7164.