Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

FOUND SEPT 22 - Found an all white female cat with lime green eyes, very young in the South Bathurst area, on Church Street. Contact 546-8198

FOUND SEPT 20 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a medium size dog on rue Principale in Beresford near the town limits of Beresford and Nigadoo. It's a male, caramel color and has pointy ears. To claim your dog, or if you have any information that might help us find its owner  please call 783-2420

 La Fourrière Beniro a trouvé un chien grosseur moyen sur la rue principale à Beresford au limite de Beresford et Nigadoo.   C'est un male de couleur caramel avec des oreilles pointus. Pour réclamer votre chien ou si vous avez de l'information qui pourrait nous aider à localiser le propriétaire s.v.p. t el. au 783-2420

LOST SEPT 19 - Lost a black LG cell phone in the Bathurst area. Contact Leoline 350-1640

FOUND SEPT 17 - Someone left keys at 218 Rue Gagnon in Beresford while yard saling. There are 3 keys on a purple wrist band, 1 post office and 2 door keys. Contact 549-4350 if they are your keys

FOUND SEPT 17 - Found a gray key in the Home Hardware parking lot. It's at the station if it's your key 

LOST SEPT 15 - Lost keys on Riverside Drive going around the Basin towards the post office. It has Towne Ford tag with a F-150 key and 3 other little keys with it. Contact 548-4246

LOST SEPT 2 - Lost a large ring of keys in the Bathurst area. Has a yellow tag that says side door, another orange square tag. If found drop them off at the radio station Max 104.9

LOST AUG 31 - Lost an iPhone 6 between Irving and Tetagouche Hill going to the Choix Multiple Pawn Shop. $100 reward if found. Contact 545-5467

FOUND AUG 31 - Found a tan brown color Chihuahua in North Tetagouche. Contact 546-5006

LOST AUG 30 - Lost a Black Lab in Robertville (St. Louise). Contact 783-3360 or 543-1263

LOST AUG 29 - Lost a Stihl Chainsaw in Middle River Road. Contact Roger 546-6962

LOST AUG 26/27 - Lost a male prescription glasses black (front) and dark blue (on side) frame, frameless 

FOUND AUG 26 - Found a set of keys for a Polaris 4 wheeler in the Tremblay trails, almost at the end of the road. It has a Polaeis key, 6 other keys and a little tag with the #6238 marked on it. Their at the radio station if it's your keys 

FOUND AUG 25 - Found a black and white stripped hoodie with gold lettering at 850 Vanier Blvd, on the fence. Contact 350-2023

LOST AUG 25 - Lost an orange cat with a black collar, 10 years old goes by the name Willis around Sunset Drive. Contact 506-260-0136. Offering a $50 reward if you find him!

FOUND AUG 25 - Found a dark gray suitcase with a small blue strip going down the front, size of a carry-on. Found it on the highway going towards Belledune. Contact 548-9493

FOUND AUG 25 - Found an iPhone in Parkwood Heights. It's white with a black case on it. The pic on the lock screen is a boy with a red shirt with baseball bat and a girl turned with a purple jacket, and a message with rylie33. It's at the station if it's your phone

LOST AUG 24 - Lost between Middle River (Mathilda Street) and Allardville a black remote control with 6 buttons -1 red, -1 green and 4 yellow. If found please call 252-7655

LOST AUG 22 - Lost a purple BMX bike with orange rims around the Basin area. Contact 547-9017 

LOST AUG 22 - Lost an iPhone 6, space gray color in Bathurst. When you push the home button it has a pic of his daughter. Contact 547-5166 or 546-6308

LOST AUG 18 - Lost a gray persian cat, goes by the name Mimi, declawed and 12 years old in the Dunlop area (Subdivision where Guignard Aquatic Center was). Contact 783-2188

FOUND AUG 18 - Found a set of keys near the mailbox on Allison Crescent. Contact 252-2752

FOUND AUG 16 - Found a set of keys on St. John Street, behind the Courthouse. It has a black plush dog, letter M and a leather with Bathurst-Dalhousie-Miramichi-Doaktown and Moncton marked on it. Their at the radio station to be picked up

FOUND AUG 16 - Found set of keys at the corner of chemin Tremblay and rue Principale in Petit Rocher South, it has a Honda car key,  a command start, many other keys and a bleu, white and black key holder.  If you lost your keys or has any information on the owner of the keys please call 783-2420 or 545-0798

Trouvez un ensemble de clé. Nous avons trouvé un ensemble de clé au coin de la rue Tremblay et la rue Princiale à Petit Rocher Sud.  Il y a une clé pour une voiture Honda, un démarreur à distance plusieurs autre clés and un porteur de clés en verre bleu, blanc et noir. Pour récupérer vos clés téléphoné au 783-2420 ou le 545-0798  

LOST AUG 13 - Lost a Samsung Galaxy near the National Bank on St. Peter this weekend. If found please call 548-5238 ask for Antoine or Yolande

FOUND AUG 13 - Found a black HTC cell phone at Youghall Beach. Contact 543-6680 if it's your cell phone, it's with the life guards

LOST AUG 11 - Lost a female cat on Sunset Drive, Bathurst. She is declawed, white with black spot. Answer to the name of Maya. Doesn't usually go outside and is probably disoriented. If found please call 546-5169, 543-5219 or text 545-8215

FOUND AUG 11 - Found a small brown and white dog on King Ave. Contact 546-5419

FOUND AUG 9 - At the Waterfront on one of the steps found a set of keys. Toyota key, command start and 2 other keys. It has cat eyes on it. Contact 350-0310

LOST AUGUST 8 - Set of keys. Has a GM car key (with buttons on it), and 2 other keys. Call 480-1286 if found(Collen). 

LOST AUGUST 8 - Motorized bicycle (pedal bike with motor added). Bike is very special to it's owner. Bike is black in color. Lost in Middle River. Reward being offered to whoever can bring it back. Call 989-0400 or 350-1360 if seen. 

LOST AUGUST 1 - Lost a gray and white cat in front of Subway on Main Street with a Robin Egg Blue collar with a bell. 2 years old, goes by the name of Chunky. Contact John at 548-5144

LOST JULY 30 - Crown mouldings we're sold from a yard sale at 36 Hemlock Street in Woodland Heights Subdivison in North Tetagouche for 7$. They we're Primed Moulding, Chair rails & Cassing wrapped in sulofam with Kent sticker on them. They we're not for sale. Contact 543-3025. Reward and 7$ giving back if brought back

LOST JULY 30 - Lost a set of keys. They we're at the Customer Service Desk at Superstore around 7PM on Saturday. Car keys with 2 Toyota keys, post office key and house key on them. Contact Christine at 545-9006 or cell 547-3180

LOST JULY 30 - Lost a set of keys and Autostart Key Fob for a Subaru. Has another couple opf keys on it and a red Good Life Fitness small flag type laynard on it as well. If found contact 522-8548

LOST JULY 27 - Lost a set of keys. Chevrolet keys, house key, command start. Gray heart with the name Francine on it. Contact 430-0617

LOST JULY 23 - Cell phone! Lost at the Beresford library or in the Beresford Arena parking lot July 23 around 3 pm. HTC ONE M7 with black hard cover (similar to an otterbox). Please call 783-3457

LOST JULY 23 - Mazda key with fob. Lost at the tent Saturday night. If found, please call Marc at 545-5695.

FOUND JULY 21 - Found a set of keys at The Pump House off Rough Waters. Car remote for Acura, Acura key, Bathurst Honda key chain and 3 other keys on it. They are at the Fire Station, Fire Hall 1 on St. Andrew Street, Bathurst. Contact them at 548-0430

FOUND JULY 22 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a small dog  in Beresford near the city limit of rue Morrison. It's a male white Terrier-Poo. He was found with a white and gold male cat approximatly 4 month old. To claim your dog and/or your cat or if you have any information that might help us find its owner please call 783-2420

La Fourrière Beniro  a trouvé un petit chien à Beresford au limite de la ville sur la rue Morrison. C'est un male blanc, genre Terrier-Poodle. Il a été trouvé avec un petit chat blanc et jaune,  male, agé de 4 mois environ. Pour réclamer votre chien et/ou votre chat ou si vous avons de l'information qui pourrait nous aider à localiser le propriétaire s.v.p. t el. au 783-2420

LOST JULY 21 - Lost a Samsung Galaxy S4 at the carnival. Would like to have it back, if  somone found it call and leave a message at 544-9020

FOUND JULY 20 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a small  femalle dog in Nigadoo on rue du Moulin. She is caramel color with white on her paws and chest and is wearing a bleu collar. To claim your dog or if you have any info that might help us find its owner please call 783-2420

La Fourrière Beniro a trouvé un petit chien à Nigadoo sur la rue du Moulin. Elle est de couleur caramelle avec un peu de blanc sur les pattes et le ventre et porte un collier bleu. Pour réclamer votre chien ou si vous avez de l'informations qui pourrait nous aider à trouver son propriétaire  s.v.p. tél au 783-2420 

FOUND JULY 16 - Found a set of keys on Route 322 in Robertville by the foyer. Key for a Toyota, GMC, mailbox key, car starter and a few others. Contact 480-9100 (leave a voicemail if they don't answer)

LOST JULY 15 - Lost a white Samsung S3 on Friday night on the side of the road between Janeville and Anse-Bleu. If found, contact Lisa 547-2795

FOUND JULY 12 - Found a grey Mazda key at Youghall Beach. You will need the vehicule with you to verify that it's the key for the car. The key is at Bayside Madza in Beresford

FOUND JULY 8 - Found on Mines Road, a red vest. Contact 546-9501 to identify and claim

LOST JULY 4 - Lost a set of GM keys, Canadian Tire tag on them with 3-4 keys. Contact Richard 546-9457 if you found his keys

FOUND JULY 4 - Found a pair of eye glasses on the side of Route 315 in Dunlop South. Contact 783-0907

FOUND JULY 3 - Found a black bag with insulin in it on Arseneau Road. Contact 543-4373

LOST JULY 3 - Lost on Vanier Blvd. a black Moto E cell phone. It has a pic of a dog if you open it up. Contact Kevin 546-3956 or 546-1409

FOUND JULY 3 - Found a Golden Lab on Centennial Street  in Parkwood Heights. Contact 546-6451 if it's your dog

FOUND JULY 2 - Found a set of keys with a GM key and 3 other keys on it at the Place Bathurst Mall. Contact the Radio station 547-1360 if there your keys