Lost & Found in the Chaleur Region

Submit your Lost & Found items to maxfm@bellmedia.ca

LOST MAY 30 - 11 years old mix yellow lab, lost dog during the night, she's scared of thunder, her name is Soleil. We live on rue André in Robertville. My number is 783-2880

LOST MAY 30 - A cane belonging to the Red Cross, it has a sticker Red Cross on it. Please call Caroline at 543-5914 if found

LOST MAY 29 - Black and white, long haired indor cat. 2 yeard old, goes by the name Panda. Laurier street area (near             Blockbuster building)

LOST MAY 26 - Car keys with command start around East Bathurst area or in town. Please call Alice 546-6116 if found

FOUND MAY 20 - Golden bracelet, found on the sidewalk on Vanier near the hospital.  If this is yours, please email michelle.bertin@me.com

LOST MAY 18 - Harley Davidson saddle Bag, somewhere between Miramichi and Dalhousie.  Please call 506-686-1262 if found. 

LOST MAY 17 - Set of keys with Toyota key, 2 house keys, and maybe some other keys on it also. Call 546-3847 if found. 

FOUND MAY 17 - Big set of keys on King Avenue. One key has "Titan" marked on it, the other is a house key and a holder. If these are yours, call 548-3424.

LOST MAY 13 - At Petit-Rocher tennis courts, a black tennis bag containing racket and shoes. If found, call Andre Godin at 783-2124 or 480-0567.

FOUND MAY 16 - Sunglasses in the Big D parking lot. Collect them at the Big D. 

FOUND MAY 11 -  A set of keys containing: A bronze colored key, an Acadian flag keytag, two PC Plus points tags, and a blue and white USB stick. If these are your keys, please call 547-1360 or pick them up at Max 104.9 Studios, 640 St. Peter Avenue. 

FOUND MAY 9 - A set of keys to a Buick with 5 other keys, a WarAmps kaytag (illegible numbers), a Shopper's Optimim tag, and a Buick/Pontiac keytag. If these are your keys, plese call 506-226-3614.

FOUND MAY 5 - Found set of keys (two loose keys and one car starter) yesterday outside on the ground by the volunteer center in Bathurst. Please contact us here at 547-1360.

FOUND MAY 3 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a large male dog in Petit Rocher!  This dog might be from Bathurst. To claim your dog or of you have any information that might help us find his orner Please call 783-2420

La Fourriere Beniro  a trouvé un gros chien blanc taché noir,mâle,de Petit Rocher . Il se peut que ce chien vient de Bathurst. Pour réclamer votre chien ou pour tout autre info concernant ce chien qui pourrait nous aider à trouver son propriétaire Tel.  au 783-2420.   

LOST MAY 2 - Lost iPhone 5S between Superstore and Canadian Tire on Friday. Please call 545-0960 if found. 

LOST MAY 2 - Lost dog (huskey) by the name of Leina early this morning in Squire Green. She is white black and beige. She is very timid - has one brown and one blue eye. Please contact Teresa at 548-9956 or 544-1701. 

LOST APRIL 23 -  Lost Wallet – Black. Lost somewhere between Burger King & downtown. If found, please call 543 3488

LOST APRIL 20 - Cat - a female car (Maya) in Beresford on Francine street (Foulem subdivision). Contact 546-3010 or 252-3044

LOST APRIL 22 - Lost a set of car keys between vanier blv. and Sobeys please call 405-226-2228 if found.

LOST APRIL 21 - 6 month old Bermise Mountain Dog lost last night in the East Bathurst Area (on Bridge Street). Black and white, no collar, goes by the name of Grace. Please call 252-4335. Reward if found. 

FOUND APRIL 20 - Set of keys (car and house) found about a week ago on Reese lane in South Bathurst. Please call us at the radion station to enquire 547-1360.

LOST APRIL 10 - Red woman's wallet near Sermax Convenience. If found, please call 545-7970. 

LOST APRIL 7 - A black wallet was lost last night between the Subway and Carquest in Beresford. Please call Marc Hache at 430-0658 if found.

FOUND APRIL 4 - A white lab female was found  on Main Street  in Pointe Verte.  To claim your dog please call the  Beniro Shelter at 783-2420

Un Lab blanc female a été ramassé sur la rue Principale a Pointe Verte .   Pour  réclamer votre chien s.v.p.  téléphonez  à la Fourrière Beniro au 783-2420 

FOUND MARCH 31 -  An Iphone in a green case. Found at the Titan Game at the K.C Irving Centre on Tuesday. If it is yours, please contact 506 480 9100 or 430 0636

FOUND MARCH 23 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a female Boxer  on rue Champlain in  Petit Rocher.  To claim your dog or if you have any  informations that might help us find the owner,  please call 783-2420. Thank You. 

La Fourriere Beniro  un Boxer Femelle sur la rue Champlain a Petit Rocher centre.  Si ce chien vous appartient ou si vous connaîssez le propriétaire veuillez téléphoner au 783-2420.  Merci  

LOST MARCH 22 - Black men’s wallet near the Tim Horton’s in Petit Rocher. If found, please call 506 226 0104

FOUND MARCH 14 - Cell phone found (black with a green trim) on Assaff street. Please contact us on 547-1360.

FOUND MARCH 4 -  A Medicare Card (NB) found Downtown Bathurst on Main Street.  If it's yours, call Gerry at 548-9711

LOST FEB 25 - A 10 Foot Painters Pole. Yellow with the intials "MM" engraved. Lost somewhere between Middle River & Industrial Park Bathurst. If found please call 548 4871.

FOUND FEB 18 - Small beige shitzu found in the Parkwood Heights area last night and was brought in for the night. He has a blue collar. Please call 546-6461 if he belongs to you. 

FOUND FEB 17 - The animal shelter Fourriere Beniro found a small Dachshund  male on rue du Parc in Pointe Verte.  To claim your dog please call 783-2420

La Fourriere Beniro  a trouvé un petit chien (Teckel) male sur la rue du Parc a Pointe Verte.  Tel.  au 783-2420 

LOST: A wide tri Color gold bracelet. It is very special to the owner. If found please call 544-5988.

LOST: A brown leather checkbook folder with 300 to 400 dollars in it. If found call Diana 548-2333 or 480-1353.

LOST: A Hubcap for a 2015 Chrysler 200. Lost somewhere on St. Peter Ave between McDonald's and the Place Bathurst Mall. If found, please call 545 6611.

FOUND: January 21st - A gray and black cat found in Alcida.  The man who found it is worried it was going to freeze, so he brought it in... if it's your cat, please call 783-3481 ...he can't keep it for long.   (Un chat gris et noir trouvé à Alcida... telephonez 783-3481 si c'est votre chat)

FOUND: January 18th - One complete Wheel (Tire and rim) found on Miramichi Road (Bathurst), near the bypass... looks like it might be a spare tire that fell off or something.  If it's your Wheel, Eugene put it in his garage, call him for it:  546-5166 or 545-0476